Progressive Jackpots

Progressive jackpots are a really exciting part of playing online, and if you’ve ever come across one of these when playing slots or table games, you’ll know the thrill of watching that counter tick and the potential money to be won grow. 

Of course, if you don’t have experience with progressives, you may not know why they keep growing or where that money is coming from. You may also be wondering which games are the best to play if you want to up your chances of winning, and which games have the biggest progressives.

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Games that Offer Progressive Jackpots

There are a number of different types of games that offer progressive jackpots though these are most likely found when playing the slots. Some video poker machines also offer progressives. When playing table games, including blackjack, keno and baccarat, you can also access progressive jackpots. However, for the bigger totals and the most variety, South African online casino video slots give the best jackpots. Progressives are also dependent on developers, and you may notice when playing for online slots jackpots that some developers offer huge progressives while others present only a little.

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  • diamond valey

    Diamond Valey

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    Fruit Mania

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    Queen of the Pyramids

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    Wall Street Fever

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    Magic Slots

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    Gold Rally

How Do Progressive Jackpots Work?

If you take the time to play a progressive game, such as an online slot, you’ll notice that the progressive jackpot amount keeps growing and growing. This is because, with every player who accesses the same game online, a portion of the money they put into the game is used for the progressive. This means, logically, that the most popular games are those that will have the largest progressive jackpots. Every game is connected to a certain network, and this network creates a pool into which the money goes. The progressive jackpots draw from this pool which is why they keep growing.

Once a progressive jackpot is won, the value will be reset. This value is pre-determined and, in some cases, the value could be as small as R1000 or as large as R1-million. It all depends on the developer and the machine. Some games, mostly online slots, also have two progressive jackpots, a major and a minor. These work similarly to a standard progressive jackpot, with the only difference being that the minor grows in smaller increments than the major. Logically, if you want to up your chances of winning, playing machines which offer two progressives rather than one is a good idea.

How to Up Your Chances of Winning?

As with all casino games, there is no concrete strategy you can use to guarantee a win, and since so many progressive jackpots are randomly triggered, there is simply no way to ensure you win. It all depends on luck. However, you can increase your chances of winning with a few smart-playing strategies. One of these is to check the jackpot totals before you play. If you play a game in which the progressive jackpot is very small, your chances of winning big are lessened. However, if you play an online slot jackpot worth millions, a stroke of luck could see you exiting the game a lot richer than when you started.

Another strategy that could work in your favour is to play at the machines that offer two progressives rather than just one. In that way, you hedge your bets. Additionally, pay close attention to which progressives have won lately and which have been growing for some time. If a slot or table game’s progressive hasn’t been won in months and is increasing with every passing minute, your chances of being the one player to strike it lucky are quite high. However, if you play at a machine that paid out a progressive recently, not only are your chances of winning slimmer but the total amount to be won will be much smaller.

Which Jackpots Are Currently the Largest?

At the moment, there are a number of games you can play that have massive progressives waiting to be won. Some of these include Queen of the Pyramids (over R1 000 000), Wall Street Fever (over R3 000 000), and Gold Rally (over R57 000 000). Though these online video slot games have tons of cash to be won, you will need to play if you want a chance at those progressives. Remember that video slots are not the only games that offer progressives, and should you prefer video poker machines or table games, you can find a few that offer progressives. However, should your goal be to stand a chance to win massive amounts of money, playing these slots is your best bet.

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